Malcolm Arnold - Quintet No. 1

The Quintet No. 1, op. 73 by Sir Malcolm Arnold is part of today’s standard repertoire for brass quintet and is one of the repertoire’s more popular works.


Arnold himself was a trumpet player who played in both the London Philharmonic Orchestra and the BBC Symphony Orchestra.

His quintet was completed in 1960. Two years prior he received an oscar for his film score to 'The Bridge on the River Kwai'.



This composition is divided in three movements:

I. Allegro vivace

II. Chaconne

II. Con brio


The classic sequence of movements (fast-slow-fast) and the form of the piece, are both rather conservative which however are then decorated with sophisticated and virtuosic lines.

Irving Berlin - Puttin' on the Ritz

A real classic! This song was written in 1927 by Irving Berlin and gained popularity together with the film of the same name.


"Puttin' on the Ritz" means to dress up or look your best. The meaning taking direct inspiration from the famously elegant Ritz Hotel.


A wide range of artists have taken to covering this standard. One of the more well known covers coming from Ella Fitzgerald.

Paul Nagle - Jive for Five

Written by the american composer and trumpeter Paul Nagle.

This jazz suite has three different characters:

Jazz Style - Funk Rock - Jazz Waltz

Witold LutosławsKi - Mini Overture

This piece brings another color to our repertoire!

Composed in 1982, Witold Lutosławski wrote for the first time a piece for a traditional brass quintet.

He defines it as a "small caricature of an overture".